Laura Tufariello is a long-standing advocate for sustainability and corporate environmental responsibility. An active founding member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and past adjunct professor in the Packaging Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Laura uses education and peer-collaboration to develop new paths towards social change.

Laura founded  the award-winning company, Design & Source Productions in 1996 and has supplied global brands like Starbucks, MoMA, Royal Caribbean, and Nordstroms with branded merchandise and luxury packaging for 27 years. Her business has motivated greater sustainable development & innovation such as TerraSkin ® the tree free stone paper she introduced to the US market.

In 2017, Laura  introduced a new division within her business with a peer collaboration platform.   She devoted a large portion of her NYC loft office to create Design and Source Labs, a  free coworking space for creative young entrepreneurs aimed at stimulating professional growth and idea generation both individually and as a collective. The space gathers innovative thinkers to work on projects with a social mandate.   Projects have included a currency of caring, a line of accessories designed to promote empathy and good communication,  and now an award-wining short educational film about sustainability and life cycle thinking called, “Watch the Feet".

Laura strongly believes education is critical to change.   Her continuing mission is to inspire and empower people to be better consumers and citizens of this world.

Laura’ serves on the board of The Felix Organization.
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